Greg Eccleston Larapinta 2021 Black Dog Institute
Greg Eccleston Larapinta 2021
Black Dog Institute
Greg Eccleston Larapinta 2021
Greg Eccleston Larapinta 2021

My Story

Greg Eccleston = Suicide Survivor -> Larapinta Challenge 2021.

I have signed up for this challenge, because I want to help Black Dog Institute make this world a better place for all of us who suffer with their mental health.

So I am travelling to the beautiful Northern Territory; hopefully in mid-2021. Renowned as one of Australia’s finest long-distance walking experiences, the Larapinta Trail is located in the land of the Arrernte people in Central Australia.

Six days of trekking & camping. Have I attempted anything quite like this before? No. Am I nervous? Shit, yeah! Am I going to do it?? Same answer. It is indeed a new level of challenge for me.

Why this cause? I am passionate about Black Dog Institute & their work. Fiercely passionate. They take a long-term approach to mental health. We are all affected by it, one way or another. And I have lived experience. Yours truly is a suicide survivor. A few times actually. Yet, I am still here & I am very much getting better.

Which is why I care about the work of Black Dog Institute & want to make a real difference. To quote: "The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness. We are about creating a world where mental illness is treated with the same level of concern, immediacy and seriousness as physical illness; where scientists work to discover the causes of illness and new treatments, and where discoveries are immediately put into practice through health services, technology and community education".

So, I get to have an awesome adventure in the Territory. And I get healthier. You get to support it. Whether by word or deed or donation, thank you. Between you & me & BDI, we are making our world (and me) a better place to be around.


Thank You

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